Spring 2018 Show


Drum Roll, please…….We’re so pleased to announce the cast of The Witch in 204!

Bella – Nichole Hines
Sylvie – Katie Glass
Eugene – Mark Vogel
Thelma – Lisa Eaton
Fannie – Gillian Easton
Herman – Brandon Hosig
Mabel – Helen Malinka
Evelyn – Jan Albetski

Director – Elizabeth Welsh
Stage Manager – Kelly Schenkman

Performance Dates: April 27, 28, May 4, and 5, 2018

Latch your windows! Bolt your door! Beware of The Witch in 204! You know your property value has plummeted when a witch moves in next door! But, that’s not retired school teacher, Sylvie Goldberg’s only trouble. Sylvie’s hopes of living happily-ever-after with Eugene, the “otherworldly” gentlemen of her dreams, soon dissipate with the witch next door, Bella, turns out to be Eugene’s mysterious former paramour, who proceeds to wreak havoc on Sylvie and Eugene’s wedding day as the uninvited guest. Scandal quickly ensues when Bella mistakes Sylvie’s neighbor, Evelyn Greenbaum, for Sylvie and attempts to poison Evelyn with a lethal brew of pills and booze. Eugene skips town endeavoring to escape Bella’s witchy wickedness and leaving Sylvie with a dire warning to “Beware the Witch in 204.” The Witch in 204 is a modern day fairy tale for grownups with fond memories of being both thrilled and terrified by wicked witches, genies, wizards, ghosts, and goblins in the fables of our youth.


BELLA: The Witch in 2014 (wicked to the core! Otherwise what’s the fun of being witchy?)

FANNIE: Sylvie’s good friend & neighbor (a “bride-to-be retiree”)

THELMA: Another of Sylvie’s good friends (and an animal rights activist’s worst nightmare!)

SYLVIE: A retired New Jersey school teacher (whose wedding plans are foiled by The Witch in 204)

HERMAN: Fannie’s true love and Mabel’s cousin (not to mention a real Wizard at War Games)

MABEL: Sylvie’s very best friend (and an enterprising yenta!)

EVELYN: Sylvie’s neighbor and wedding guest (and the tipsy victim of The Witch in 204)

EUGENE: The love of Sylvie’s life (despite his “otherworldliness” and that he skipped town on their wedding day. Ain’t love grand?)