Casting Announcement



Valley Repertory Company is thrilled to announce the cast for the Spring 2023 show, Holidazed, written by Bailly Morse.
    GERTRUDE WALDROOP:  Stephanie MacGillivary
    ALEXIS PETERS:  Josephine Beckwith
    BEN PETERS:  Andy Neild
    CARL PETERS:  Jason Black
    MICHELLE NELSON-OLSON:  Jennifer Madison
    HANK WILLIAMS:  Joel Ketchale
    WALTER WILLIAMS:  Brandon Hosig

It is the story of Francine, who discovers her two children will not be coming home from college for any of the holidays, so she decides to host a year’s worth of holidays in the week before they leave for school. To add to her mayhem, her rebellious octogenarian mother keeps sneaking out of the house, her ex-husband arrives unexpectedly with his girlfriend, and she starts having feelings for her handyman. As Francine’s holiday celebrations escalate into the absurd, she ponders the question: What will she do with herself when her children are gone, and the holidays are over?


Performance dates are May 12, 13, 19, 20. Please direct all inquiries via email to director Glenn Reese at