Upcoming Auditions for Spring 2020



announces open auditions for

The Girl with One Red Shoe by Glenn Reese



Tuesday, January 28th at 6:30 pm

Asnuntuck Community College Auditorium

170 Elm Street, Enfield


Production Dates:  May 8, 9, 15, 16


Roles available for:

4 women: ages 20’s through 60’s

4 men: 20’s through 60’s



Charlie Jones is an unassuming everyman who shares an apartment with his polar opposite, though best friend, Pete Strong.  A dedicated (but not very talented) accountant by day, Charlie’s dream is to become a singer/songwriter like his idols in this madcap 70’s comedy.  While Pete exhausts himself hitting the club scene, Charlie has been earnestly dating a single exhausting girl, Carol Steadman, since high school.  Charlie is driven by his own plan for his life, which includes marrying Carol, making it as a musician, and living happily ever after.

Unlike hardworking Charlie, Carol gets everything in life handed to her.  Believing he has set himself up for a perfect life in Hometown, U.S.A., Charlie is blissfully unaware of Carol’s true, and opportunistic nature.  Carol’s spoiled side is the product of her overprotective parents Ed and Mary, who go from calm to combustible whenever they don’t see eye to eye.  When not trying to impress Carol’s family, Charlie often finds himself being bolstered by his quirky downstairs neighbor, Cookie Rubens.  As sweet as her name, Cookie has the uncanny ability to both pop in at the most inopportune times and not quite hide her true feelings from Charlie.  Her subtle hints are easy to miss, though, when her visits are accompanied by the building’s new, exotic, and seriously-flamboyant superintendent.

Although devasted by losing his job, Charlie holds strong to the plan by testing out his new songs at the same coffeehouse every Friday night to a lukewarm response.  One week his usual set takes an unexpected turn towards stardom, when the ladies in the audience break into a swooning, clothes-tearing frenzy.  Before he can fully process what has happened, Charlie returns to his apartment and impulsively misreads an interaction between Pete and Carol.  As far as he can tell, his new adoring fans, dishonest roommate, and jobless future make it nearly impossible to stick to any semblance of the plan.  Against all odds Pete and Cookie team up to help Charlie see things as they really are, and even help him to find true happiness in the most unexpected of places.


Questions can be addressed to Director Glenn Reese at gar0105@sbcglobal.net