Current Show – Bedtime Stories by Norm Foster

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Bedtime Stories by Norm Foster

This hilarious comedy contains six different scenes, which all feature a bed as their primary focus. A shock radio jock pays a couple five thousand dollars to make love on the air. A woman visits a dying man she feels she hurt years ago. Two men rob a house and discover a shocking secret. An aging rock star is confronted by a groupie. An accident-prone stripper meets with her no-nonsense boss. A woman leaving her husband lectures the movers on the proper way to treat a lady.

Eddie ‘Nighthawk’ Nichols (Keith Giard), a Shock Rock radio host
Lou Ballantyne (Ken Aveline), a dedicated Husband, determined to make a good life for his family
Betsy Ballantyne (Helen Malinka), a dedicated Wife, determined to make a good life for her family
Derek Baumgarden (Keith Giard), a dying man who reunites with his high school crush
Susan Upchurch (Phaedra Beckwith), a woman who feels she hurt her old friend
Nick (Mark Vogel), a seasoned thief
Davey (Gary Turrel), a talkative amateur thief
Tommy Quick (Mark Vogel), an aging Shock Rock star
Melody Ballantyne (Bailly Morse), a die-hard ‘Tommy Quick’ groupie
Sandy (Steph MacGillivery), an accident-prone stripper, trying her best
Charlie (Gary Turrel), a no-nonsense boss
Laura Nichols (Steph MacGillivery), a neglected wife
Steve (Mark Vogel), a hired mover
Jerry (Ken Aveline), a hired mover with a bad back
Yolanda (Phaedra Beckwith), a cab driver who always loses her way

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